Hi Friends! Update.

Hey loves 👋🏾 

I’ve been a bit busy with current events in my life at the moment, but I wanted to stop by on my blog and show some love to everyone who tuned in for my Snapchat Takeover with @BeautyWOC. I had such an amazing time getting all glammed up in front of the camera, meeting new people, and just being myself. During my takeover I had one-hundred something people who tuned in for my snaps. Seriously means so much you guys!❣️❣️❣️❣️

After the takeover and answering everyone’s questions I decided that it would be fun to get out in the world and snap some photos at my favorite location Lawson Gardens here in Pullman, WA. The photos came out stunning thanks to Kenzie who photographed me & snapchated for me while I was getting ready! Here are the photos we captured + a little cat walk. 😉 


Sweater H&M

Pants Topman

Boots Dr. Martens 

Hat Amazon 

Handbag @Kats_blessed_hands (check her out on Instagram) also, be sure to check out @BeautyWOC on Instagram as well!

Makeup details are in my previous blog post! Xoxox 


My Feature On a Blog! Being a Male Black Makeup Artist

Okay, tell me why we all look like we’re apart of a bomb ass campaign for black male makeup artists?!? I’m so shook rn. I was featured in a blog on this well written article about being a black male makeup artist/beauty influencer. I’m so happy I got to be apart of this amazing project.💛 

The article is out right now check it out  HERE. Thank you again Arkee!

I also wanna give out another thank you to  everyone for all the love! Today has been an amazing day I’m so blessed. Thanks for your awesome feedback!💛