Launching My Own Line of Lipsticks! *Beauty Bloggers  Needed*

Ahhhhh! I’ve been working on this chapter of my life for a couple of months now, only a selected few knew about this project, and  everything is finally falling into place that I feel like it’s time to fully announce the good news! I am launching my very own handmade, non – toxic lipsticks! 

 I seriously can not wait to launch my 3 cream lipsticks that I’ve put all my time and hard work into. The formula is everything and the packaging is to DIE FOR! 😍

Follow me on Snapchat & Instagram for sneak peaks of swatches and more! SP: obasil | Instagram: oxfordbasil 

Launching very soon! *Looking for beauty influencers to help spread the word on my brand. Follower count doesn’t matter just as long you have a true passion for makeup and beauty. Email me at if you’re interested in trying out my cream lipsticks before they launch.* 💛💛💛


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