My Lipstick XOXO -A | SOLD OUT!

It’s a bittersweet moment for me, but I am so happy that my liquid to matte lipstick sold out! That’s right sold out, out of stock, GONE!

Don’t worry though Marie SkyΒ put in another order for those who missed out on getting my dark mauve lipstick XOXO -A. Thank you everyone who supported my very first collaboration with Marie Sky it truly means the world to me! Not only that but you all helped an amazing charity which I’m so thankful for. It’s always nice to give back to those in need so thank you again for helping out and spreading the kindness of giving back to others. 10% of the proceeds are donated to the Pediatric Cancer Foundation.πŸ’›

I’ll be sure to send out the link here on my blog when we restock XOXO -A. Until then if you’re not already following me on my socail medias here ya go!

Twitter: oxfordbasil

Snapchat: obasil

Also, I have a discount code oxfordbasilΒ that’s worth 10% off your purchase. You can use it towards any shade on marieskyworld or you can save my codeΒ and use it towards my lipstick. 😘.


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