🍇 BOP CITY 🍇 | Inspired by @terror.jr 🍇

This makeup look was pretty fun I love playing with glitter! Especially glitter that is super pigmented. I like glitters that are so pigmented that it makes shimmers look like they are sheer. I created this purple glitter look because I was inspired by Terror Jr a music group that formed in 2016. You might heard their catchy song 3 Strikes that appeared in Kylie Jenners commercial for her line of lip glosses. 

I love Terror Jr’s album Bop City so much that I had to show some love and create a purple grape vibe inspired by their symbol which is a grape. 🍇

Of course I added the details on what products I used for you loves. XOXO-A


•Foundation – @maybelline 330

•Concealer – @maybelline Mixed w/@covergirl 

•Eyes – @morphebrushes 35s palette

•Glitter – @cupckaeglitterz in sweetkingjazzybaptiste 

•Bronzer/Contour – @elfcosmetics

•Blush – @wetnwildbeauty

 •Highlighter – @wetnwildbeauty Mixed w/@carlibybel highlighter palette 

•Lashes – @salonperfect in the style (615)

•Waterline – @maybelline (white eyeliner) 

•Lips – @jeffreestarcosmetics Weirdo Mixed w/ @mariesky_world XOXO -A

 •Brows – @lorealmakeup 

•Brow highlight – @mariesky_world lipstick STAR



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