MORPHE 35s Palette | Makeup Looks

For my 23rd birthday my boyfriend got me a Morphe eye shadow palette that I’ve been wanting a for a while now because my last eye shadow purchase I made awhile back ago was the bronze palette by Kylie Cosmetics. I needed different palette with a variety of vibrant colors.

Usually my go to colors are usually browns or burnt reds. I guess you could say I stick to those colors because they are my safe go to colors, but since I’ve been doing my makeup more and more I wanted to reach out and do looks with more colors. Thanks to bae he hooked me up with the Morphe 35s palette that I’ve been wanting. Now that I’ve had it for a few weeks now and I’m hooked! I don’t think I’ll purchase another eye shadow palette in a while, honestly.

Down below are some fun colorful looks that I did using the 35s palette. I even added a picture of the Morphe 35s palette to show you all what shades I used for each look.



Okay, since I got this palette my number one mission was to create a fun vibrant look with the shimmery, buttery orange color. This is now my current go to look BTW.

p.s. For this look I also used my Kylie Cosmetics bronze palette using the two shades Citrine (all over lid) & Topaz (in my crease)


Since my Valentine’s makeup look that I did in February I wanted to do another pink look. Dramatic neon pink eyes and a soft pink lippie..


I had to show the blue matte shades & shimmers some love from the palette! This was a dope look I wanna recreate this look again, but in green..


LOOOOOOVE. This was a very soft glam that I’m obsessed with. Soft gold yellow-orange eyes & bold lip. Using the matte yellow color all over eye lids topped off with the shimmery orange color.

Again, I dipped in my bronze palette from Kylie Cosmetics and used Topaz and blended it into my crease for some dimension.

+MORE the lashes I used in all 4 looks are the lashes from Salon Perfect in the style 615! You all know how much I love these lashes!!!!

Also, quick beauty tip eyeliner is everything!




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