My Feature On Official  A. Linx | #BlackGaySlay

Black. Gay. Slay. The three things I know best! Yesterday on Twitter the #BlackGaySlay was trending! I am in awe. I loved seeing my news feed filled with beautiful, black, gay individuals that are slaying!

Since #BlackGaySlay was trending (and currently still is trending) I decided to post 4 pictures that I thought I slayed in. Minutes after I tweeted my 4 pics I received a DM (Direct Message) from a blogger who goes by the name A. Linx.

Anywho, A. Linx said she found me through the #BlackGaySlay and wanted to know if I would like to be featured in her newest blog post on the trending #BlackGaySlay. Of course I said yes! I had to be apart of this amazing trending hashtag. Not only that, but in her blog post A. Linx definitely has the LGBTQ community’s back when it came to negative troll comments. Makes me sick that people actually will take time out of their day to comment hurtful things to someone/on someone’s post. I loved seeing someone like A. Linx that I completely don’t know take action through her blog and defending the LGBTQ. Thank you. Everyone please go check out A. she’s such an amazing blogger. Xo. 

My feature in #BlackGaySlay blog post


A. Linx Twitter: @heymemeee


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